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New Hampshire’s regional planning commissions, state agencies, transit organizations, and businesses are working together to host the biggest and most exciting Commute Green New Hampshire in state history!
What is Commute Green New Hampshire?

Commute Green New Hampshire is the annual promotion to encourage you, your friends, neighbors, co-workers and employers to choose inexpensive, healthier and more environmentally-friendly transportation options. Why? Because they save you money, are less stressful, and help preserve New Hampshire’s beautiful landscape.

Commute Green New Hampshire’s primary goal is to help people carpool, bicycle, walk and use public transportation to work, school, shopping and similar trips from May 16-20, which coincides with National Bike/Walk to Work Day on May 20. The promotion challenges people to track their commuting activities during the week. After the results are tallied, top achievers in a variety of categories will be recognize.

Supporting a green New Hampshire

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