2011 Statewide Challenge Results

The following are highlights from this year’s Statewide Challenge:
To download an Excel spreadsheet with all the result data, click here

Total Users Logging Trips: 438 (Does not include bulk entries)

Total Teams Logging Miles: 56                     

Total Users Logging Miles for:                  
Carpooling - 227
Bicycling - 157
Walking - 126
Transit - 39
Telecommuting - 87

Total Trips Logged: 1,684                          
Carpooling - 668
Bicycling - 396
Walking - 356
Transit- 109
Telecommuting - 155                                             

Total Miles Logged: 64,731            
Carpooling - 37,691
Bicycling - 5,056
Walking - 1,042
Transit - 13,616
Telecommuting - 7,326

Average Trip Distance (Miles):      
Carpooling - 56.4
Bicycling - 12.8
Walking - 2.9
Transit- 124.9
Telecommuting - 47.3                                    

64,731 miles =                                              
* 6 cars off the road for one year                                         
* 10.5 round trips from Concord to Los Angeles                                         
* $50,000 savings in commuting costs                                              


Statewide Challenge Winners

Most Miles Saved by Employer:
Stonyfield: 5,063

Highest Percentage of Participants by Employer:
Scott Lawson Companies: 71%

Most Miles Saved by School:
Derryfield High School: 12,648

Highest Percentage of Participants by School:
UNH Gregg Hall - Dover Team: 75%

Most Miles Saved by Carpooler:
Peter Riendeau, Team Melexis: 720 (won TGI Fridays Gift Certificates and 2 Amtrak Passes)

Most Miles Saved by Bicyclist:
Nicole A. Brassard, Individual: 170 (won 2 EMS Free Bike Tune Up Services and 2 Amtrak Passes)

Most Miles Saved by Walker:
Illya Kovarik, Texas Instruments: 41 (won Joe King’s Gift Certificate and 2 Amtrak Passes)

Most Miles Saved by Transit User:
John Pelletier, Individual: 340 (won C&J Trailway 2 Round Trip Passes and 2 Amtrak Passes)

5 Day Participants (94 people):

Agnieszka Gloskowski, Texas Instruments (won Concord Coach Pass)
Allan Reetz, Co-op Food Stores    
AnnMarie French, NH Local Government Center    
Berkley Latimer, St. Paul's School    
Beth Richards, Beaver Meadow Elementary School    
Bob Duffley, Individual    
Cliff Chase, Absolute Resource Associates    
Cliff Sinnott, Rockingham Planning Commission    
Connie Cain, Town of Hollis Green Commuters    
Craig Tufts, Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission    
Daniel Weeks, Individual    
David Anderson, Individual    
David J. Preece, Southern NH Planning Commission    
Deborah Carley, NHTI    
Dede Estes, Individual    
Denise Vaillancourt, Conservation Center    
Dianne Carpenter, New Hampshire Employment Security    
Dottie Chartier, Graphic Packaging International    
E Daly, Individual    
Emily Neuman, Co-op Food Stores    
Ernie Liakis, New Hampshire Employment Security    (won Concord Coach Pass)
Gary Cilley, Individual    
Holly Tripp, Individual    
Illya Kovarik, Texas Instruments    
J. B. Mack, Vision 2020 Champions    
Jackie Vesey, NHTI    
Jen Ordway, NH Department of Health and Human Services    
Jeremy Heidenreich, Individual    
Jeremy LaRose, Individual    
Jerry Moore, NH DOT    
Jim Green, Northeast Delta Dental    
Jo Brooks, St. Paul's School    
Joanna Whitcomb, Individual    
Joanne Bates, NH Department of Administrative Services    
John Fischer, Southeastern Container    (won Santa’s Village certificate)
John Pelletier, Individual    
Jonathan Gregory, Concord Energy and Environment Committee    
Joyce Elliott, New Hampshire Employment Security    
Judy Glendinning, NH Local Government Center    
Kally Abrams, Stonyfield    
Karen Desmond, The Scott Lawson Companies    
Kate T. Fox, Concord Hospital    
Kevin Roberts, Individual    
Laura Maroon, Individual    
Lin Bo, NH Students for the Environment    
Liz Calabria, Individual    
Lois Richard, NHTI    
Lydia Belanger, Dr. Crisp Elementary    
Lynda Heath, NH Department of Administrative Services    
Madeline McElaney, NH BetterBuildings Project (won Edible Arrangements certificate)
Marie Mills, NHTI    
Marie Ott, NH DoIT    
Matt Wright, NHTI    
Melissa Herman, Individual    
Melissa Zych, Department of Environmental Services (won GoPro HD Helmet Camera)    
Mike Jones, Individual    
Mike Speltz, Conservation Center    
Nancy Skerry, Individual (won Amtrak Passes)
Nathan Miller, Upper Valley Lake Sunapee Regional Planning Commission    
Ned Connell, Individual    
Nicole A. Brassard, Individual    
Nicole Ayoub, Merrimack County Savings Bank    
Pamela Cunningham, Graphic Packaging International (won Concord Coach Pass)
Paul Calabria, Individual    
Randi Johnson, Lincoln Financial    
Rich Lavers, New Hampshire Employment Security    
Rob Dapice, Individual    
Robert Gaudet, Southeastern Container    
Robin Abodeely, Dr. Crisp Elementary (won Concord Coach Pass)
Ryan Gough, Berry Dunn    
Samantha Brustin, Dr. Crisp Elementary    
Scot Drysdale, Individual    
Scott Weden, NH Local Government Center    (won Concord Coach Pass)
Sean Smith, Individual    
Shari Walton, Southeastern Container    
Sharon Wood, Individual    
Sherry Godlewski, Department of Environmental Services    
Staci Masingill, The Scott Lawson Companies    
Stacia Langille, Central New Hampshire Regional Planning Commission    
Stacy Koscielniak, NH Local Government Center    
Stephen Frink, Individual    
Stephen Humphreys, Individual (won Squam Lakes Natural Science Center certificate)
Stephen Rasche, Individual    
Steve Jacques, Papa Wheelies Bicycle Shop    (won Margret HA Rey Center certificate)
Susanne Kibler-Hacker, Conservation Center    
Tabitha Coykendall, NH Department of Health and Human Services    
Terry Clough, Individual (won Storyland Passes)
Theresa Laderbush, NH DoIT    
Theresa Walker, Rockingham Planning Commission    
Tim Murphy, Individual    
Valerie Ferris, Individual    
Wendy Misek, NH Department of Health and Human Services    
Zandy Dezonie, New Hampshire Employment Security   

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