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What is Commute Green New Hampshire?

Commute Green New Hampshire is a partnership of businesses, schools, transit agencies, regional planning commissions and other volunteers dedicated to encouraging you to choose transportation options other than driving alone. We provide tools to make it easier for you to carpool, bicycle, walk, use the bus/train or telecommute and celebrate your efforts whether you’re trying green commuting for the first time or are a seasoned pro at it.

What is the Statewide Challenge?

The Statewide Challenge is a yearlong competition to make it fun and easy for anyone who lives, works or commutes through New Hampshire to choose transportation options other than driving alone and to compete against other individuals and teams. It also sets a collective goal of trying to get us all to work together toward replacing 4,000 single occupancy vehicle trips with carpooling, bicycling, walking, bus/train and telecommuting trips.

The Statewide Challenge kicks off May 14 as part of National Bike to Work Week and it will end December 31. Results will be available immediately after you enter your trips in the interactive Trip Logger. Commute Green New Hampshire will also celebrate other national events like WalkNH, Carpool Week and others with local events and promotions throughout the year to motivate you to keep participating in the Statewide Challenge.

After you log your first green commute, you can download a great discount sheet that will be available all year at businesses and restaurants around the state. Later in May, the categories for the team and individual competitions will be announced on this website. Top achievers will be rewarded with grand prizes, awards and statewide recognition at award ceremonies at the end of the year.

Why Should I Participate?

Could you or someone you know use an extra $12 in your pocket every day? Just by replacing a 40-mile round-trip commute with a carpool trip, you can save that much—or more depending on the car you drive. That’s great for our state’s economy. A commute by bicycling, walking, bus/train or telecommuting can help your wallet even more and also puts fewer miles on the road, which preserves our roads and saves us all money.

By participating, you’re also doing your part to keep our state’s best asset—our environment—clean and well-preserved. For those of you who choose bicycling, walking or even taking the bus or train, those foot-powered trips are also keeping you looking and feeling good.

Discounts, prizes and awards are pretty cool too!

Do you want to know how to participate or are you ready to start competing in the Statewide Challenge?