Commute Green New Hampshire is a partnership that has grown steadily in size and recognition in the last four years. It is rooted in National Bike to Work Day, which originated with the League of American Bicyclists in 1956 and grew into Bike to Work Week and now Bike Month. In New Hampshire, the Bike-Walk Alliance of New Hampshire, Concord 20/20 and Seacoast Area Bicycle Routes laid the foundation for Commute Green New Hampshire and the Statewide Challenge 10 years ago by first raising awareness of Bike to Work Day.

Following the early successes of Bike to Work Day in New Hampshire, other regional organizations began promotions like the Seacoast Commuter Challenge and Green Commute Week among others. All of these efforts have come under the umbrella of Commute Green New Hampshire, which is now dedicated to motivating people from all over state to choosing transportation options other than driving alone through a consistent identity, promotions and events all year.

The first Statewide Challenge was last year and 678 commuters saved 64,731 miles in a one-week competition. This year, the Statewide Challenge will be May 14 – December 31 and we’re hoping to shatter the 4,000 single occupancy vehicle trip reduction goal that we’ve set. So join in to see what we can accomplish together this year!