Here’s what New Hampshire’s leaders are saying about Commute Green New Hampshire and the Statewide Challenge:

Two key parts of our mission are Healthy Planet and Healthy People. Reducing car miles is good for the planet, and promoting biking & walking is great for people!

Mary Fischer, Carbon Master, Stonyfield

It is a positive initiative related to the very necessary task of “getting to work”. Results in benefits: saves the employee on commuting expense; for carpoolers it promotes building relationships with coworkers; for bicyclers & walkers it’s great exercise; reduces parking problems in downtown Concord (one less car). Promotes cleaner air and better environment.

Mary Lynne Rahlson, Vice President, Merrimack County Savings Bank

Green commuting not only helps to reduce employee parking costs, but it also reduces parking congestion, which is a concern across downtown and the Millyard here in Manchester.

Will Stewart, Vice President of Economic Development and Advocacy Greater Manchester Chamber of Commerce

Our school has been promoting healthy lifestyles for the past 8 years. We embrace opportunities to encourage students, parents and staff to be more active. Commute Green goes perfectly with our Safe Routes to School program.

Robin Abodeely, R.N., School Nurse, Dr. Crisp Elementary School

As a company that incorporates green, sustainable practices and measures in our manufacturing processes and company culture, Commute Green NH gives our employees another opportunity to "practice what we preach" that is interactive and fun.

Michael Sweet, Packaging Designer, Graphic Packaging International

I believe there are several reasons for commuting green. It reduces the stress commuting to and from work, and allows the group of folks commuting, and in my case to build social capital. Other reasons that I participate are the financial savings due to shared commuting costs, decreased personal vehicle maintenance and wear and tear, and improves air quality resulting from fewer auto emissions in the state.

Scott Weden, Manager, Health, Safety & Marketing, Local Government Center

We’re very interested in employee wellness, and many forms of green commuting support good physical health. We also see green commuting as an extension of our environmental stewardship commitment.

Maura Adams, Environmental Stewardship Manager, St. Paul's School

Commuting Green is good for us because so many of us have desk jobs. Biking, walking or running to work provides an extra opportunity in our day for physical activity. Physically active people experience higher productivity and more healthy days than those that have a sedentary work day. We also like the cash we save when we don't have to feed our vehicles!

Diane Caldon, Wellness Coordinator, NH Department of Administrative Services

I arrive at work alert and refreshed, I save one parking space, and appreciate that many people work to preserve and protect NH’s beautiful and healthy environment.

Deborah Carley, Learning Center Director, NHTI – Concord’s Community College